Ramadan 2017 Timetable

Please note that the times shown in the following Ramadan calendar are prepared and provided by The East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre. You can download the PDF version of Ramadan 2017 Timetable and print from here Ramadan Timetable PDF or collect the hard copies from the Mosque reception.

Your local time may vary, so please check your local mosque or near Islamic library for times in your area.

Please keep in mind that the beginning and the end of Ramadan depend on the sighting of the new moon. We will update our Ramadan 2017 London calendar if it changes.

Ramadan is the month to fasting, prayer, Quran recitation and giving charity. It’s a great chance to be a better Muslim. Take the chance!

Ramadan 2017 Timetable

May Allah grant us the ability to fast and pray the way it should be. Ameen.

  1. I think it’s interesting how each day has a different time for fasting! Super cool!

    • Yes Bailie, having a different time for fasting every day is really cool. Fasting time varies depending on the sunrise and sunset.

  2. This was interesting to read as I didn’t think the times changed and just thought it was all day. Shows what is involved.

    • Hi Debbie Nicholas, I am really happy to know that it helped you get an information. Fasting time varies depending on the sunrise and sunset. As the time of sunrise and sunset changes almost every day, fasting time varies too.

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