Ramadan 2020 Calendar for India: Daily Timings for Sehri and Iftar in India

Ramadan calendar India has already become the topic prior the month for the millions of Indian Muslims around the country. India is the home of several millions of Muslims who will celebrate the month with a sacred desire in their hearts.

Ramadan timetable India 2020 has been published by the several scholarly dens. India is a country divided by the states and regions because of the geographical distance. So, please note one calendar cannot serve the whole country.

Ramadan Calendar India 2020

However, despite having geographical distance India will start fasting on 25th of April this year. We’re going to share Ramadan timetable India 2020 for the residents of New Delhi.

0125th April 202004:2118:55
0226th April 202004.2018.56
0327th April 202004.1918.57
0428th April 202004.1818:57
0529th April 202004.1618:58
0630th May 202004.1518:58
0701 May 202004.1418:59
0802 May 202004.1319.00
0903 May 202004.1219.00
1004 May 202004.1119:01
1105 May 202004.1019:01
1206 May 202004.0919:02
1307 May 202004.0819:03
1408 May 202004.0719:03
1509 May 202004.0619:04
1610 May 202004.0519:04
1711 May 202004.0419:05
1812 May 202004.0419:06
1913 May 202004.0319:06
2014 May 202004.0219:07
2115 May 202004.0119:08
2216 May 202004.0019:08
2317 May 202003.5919:09
2418 May 202003.5919:09
2519 May 202003.5819:10
2620 May 202003.5719:11
2721 May 202003.5719:11
2822 May 202003.5719:12
2923 May 202003.5619:12
3024 May 202003.5619:13

Though the calendar points to 25th of April, the beginning of fasting will be decided with the appearance of moon of the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan calendar India has been shown from the authentic source. May Allah make this Ramadan the greatest opportunity for changing our lives and turn into a divine one.

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