Statue Removed From Supreme Court Amid Massive Protest in Bangladesh

The statue of Themis has been finally removed by Bangladeshi authorities in the predawn hours on Friday swiftly and quietly. The statue of Themis, a statue of a woman symbolizing justice, has been installed at the Supreme Court courtyard as a reminder of justice.

The leaders of Muslim community shocked with this practice as Islam never allows such type of practices. Hefazat-e-Islam, a vast Islamic nonpolitical organization based in Chittagong reacts first. Under the leadership of this organization, several Islamic-minded citizens come to the streets and protest widely. Authority responds finally.

This is not the first time in Bangladesh authority installed statues in public view. Years earlier, the statue of Lalon, widely known as Lalon Shah, generally considered an archetypal icon of Bengali culture had been installed at the Shah Jalal International Airport, Dhaka. After a long protest from various Islamic organizations, the authority had removed it.

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