Ramadan Reminder 1

Ramadan Mubarak!

As the month of Mercy and forgiveness just enveloped us, let’s renew our intentions and sincerely aim to utilise every moment of this beloved guest’s visit. May we draw nearer to Allah (swt) and be among His beloved.

The Prophet SAW would congratulate his companions by saying, “The month of Ramadan has come to you, it is a blessed month, Allah SWT has prescribed its fasts upon you. In it the gates of Paradise are opened, the doors of Hell closed and devils locked up. In it is a night better than a thousand months and whoever is deprived of its guidance is surely deprived.” – [AnNassaa’i]


  1. Apologies for the long late first message, they will be shorter thereafter inshaAllah.
  2. Please if you find it useful to forward it to others.
  3. If there is anything that needs improvement please message me.
  4. If after the first few messages they are not beneficial please ask me to sadly remove you from the list.
  5. My apologies for sending the messages a day early for all those who are starting on the next day.

Lastly, I appreciate that this reminder is already long; the following was advice from Sh. AbuIsa to reflect upon:

“……. Think back to last Ramaḍān, the final day just before the adhān.

Think of those final few moments where you realised with tears in your eyes that another Ramaḍān was about to bite the dust, that you didn’t make enough use of this opportunity to do more and do better.

Think of that sense of regret, grief, and hopelessness.

Folks, by Allah, we are *unbelievably* fortunate to have been given another chance to make it to where we are today: another blessed month of Ramaḍān, another possibility of achieving forgiveness for our multitude of sins.

So many people did not make it. We all know a few, some closer to us than others. But you *did* make it. Again. Please don’t let those tears and regret from last year be nothing but fake.

If I was to give one piece of advice, to myself firstly, then it is this: refraining from food and drink is not where the fast is for most of us. It’s time management and fasting from our normal daily nonsense which is the REAL fast, and we all know it. Do not make your fasting days and your normal days the same!

Make this year count everybody.

I ask Allah jalla wa ‘alā to give us the tawfīq in this month to worship Him in the best way possible and that it becomes a habit for us and that it then becomes part of our genetic make-up for the rest of our lives.

I ask Allah jalla wa ‘alā to forgive us all our sins in a month that He gave to us *specifically* to purify ourselves from our sins.

I ask Allah jalla wa ‘alā to bring ease, happiness and understanding to all those being put through trials in this month, and that we are all given patience to ensure these tests lead us to Jannat’l-Firdaws without account or punishment. Ameen.

From myself and my family, I wish you all the very best and most blessed and successful Ramaḍān ever! Don’t forget us masākeen in your du‘ā!

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