Watch Live Taraweeh Prayer from Makkah and Madinah 2024

Muslims worldwide are going through a purifying session observing Ramadan 2024 by fasting and performing nighttime prayer literally termed Salat al-Taraweeh.

According to Islamic rules, fasting is to abstain from all kinds of foods, drinks, sexual intercourse, and any sort of committing sins.

And Taraweeh is 20 rakats prayer that is performed just after Salat al-Isha during the month of Ramadan.

The city of Makkah is the center of the Islamic world. The greatest congregation as per reward is held here in Makkah. The direction, literally known as Qiblah, Muslims face to during salah is located here. Muslims, therefore, are obsessed to get blessed by performing salah in Makkah.

Even though a good chunk of Muslims from around the globe travel to Makkah on the eve of Ramadan and spend the month of Holy Ramadan there, most Muslims can’t afford it.

Being there in Ramadan is even better as Ramadan is the sacred month, and Almighty Allah showers his blessings and mercy abundantly on mankind in this holy month.

We present you live Taraweeh streaming from Makkah so that even if you cannot go there you can watch how peacefully they perform Taraweeh and how beautifully they recite the Holy Quran.

Watch live Taraweeh and make dua that Allah grants you the ability to be in Makkah in Ramadan 2024 and perform Taraweeh in front of Kaba. Ameen.

Live Taraweeh Prayer from Makkah – Ramadan 2024

Live Taraweeh Prayer from Madinah – Ramadam 2024

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