Ramadan Preparation Checklist: How to Prepare for Ramadan and Maximize It

How to prepare for Ramadan is a simple query people ask prior to this majestic month.

So I came up with the ultimate Ramadan preparation checklist for you.

Ramadan, the most important Islamic month, appears with the bounty of fortune and lifetime opportunities for Muslims. Muslims all over the world wait eagerly to maximize the rewards in this holy month because of the multiplying rewards.

To avail all the blessing it offers, a Muslim should spend every minute wisely. In this post, I’m going to share Ramadan checklist which will help you master it in 2019.

Working for attaining Taqwaa is the key motto of this majestic month of Ramadan. Allah The Most Benevolent says in His book, “Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain Taqwaa.” – [Quran 2:183]

Let’s see how this can be done for how to prepare for Ramadan. Here is the Ramadan preparation checklist 2019.

Step 1 – Create Hype and Buzz for Ramadan

Getting ready mentally to welcome and perform Ramadan is more important than to be ready physically.

Start a project to accomplish it. You can do it joining with your friends. Thus, a number people can realize the importance of Ramadan. You can simply start counting down or setting up regular alarm on your smartphone handset to create hype and buzz to send the massage to your whole organs. This regular practice will psychologically prepare you for Ramadan 2019.

Creating hype and buzz will also help your friends, fellow workers, and people around you remember and get interested in Ramadan. Thus, you can earn extra reward reminding someone in cultivating good fortune. Before Ramadan comes, do it with great passion.

Step 2–Make Pure Intention

As we know Hadith says, everything depends on intention. Muslims do everything for achieving nearness of Allah. So, pure intention is precondition to be literally benefited and getting reward out of any deeds, not only for Ramadan. Otherwise, all your sacrifice and efforts you put during Ramadan will bring nothing at all. Put your great spiritual and sincere efforts with pure intention. To check, ask yourself before doing anything what the intention you are doing it for.

Step 3 – Pursue Knowledge about Ramadan

Gather knowledge regarding Ramadan as much as you can. Learn about the reward of observing Ramadan with the spirit like our Prophet suggests. It will boost your interest in it and motivate you to try in every possible way. What you are doing for getting reward requires to do everything correctly. It makes getting knowledge mandatory regarding Ramadan. The more you manage to know about Ramadan, the more you’ll have chance to maximize it and get motivated.

Step 4 – Make a Blueprint for Ramadan

Remember, what you did for your successful business enterprises or anything you got appreciation for. It must have required a well-designed move. Likewise, Ramadan requires a good plan to spend for utilizing and maximizing it wisely and perfectly. Make a plan so that you can spend your Ramadan amid a busy schedule and could avoid wasting time. Include reciting holy Quran, understanding it, performing extra prayers, giving charity and other voluntary services in your plan.

Step 5 – Let Ramadan Shape Your Life

You must want to experience this Ramada as your life changer. Yes, Allah The Most Exalted puts a life-changing device in Ramadan. Ramadan aims to purify our soul and make you understand the essence of a true Muslim changing our bad habits. Be responsive and let Ramadan shape your interior exterior with the way Ramadan leads you. Don’t misuse of it spending the whole month doing some conventional things repeatedly. Let Ramadan beat your worldly desires.

Step 6 – Practice Spirituality

You cannot end up saying that fasting is the only task to practice during Ramadan. Ramadan does not mean only staying away from taking food and drink from dawn to dusk, rather it means so many things together – Fasting, Praying, reciting the holy Quran and giving in charity. Start your spiritual journey right from the beginning with all of them. Don’t wait for the announcement with the appearance of the Moon. Practice spirituality prior to Ramadan and keep up this good job until your last breath.

Step 7 – Prepare Your Mind

Your mind is a key responsible to drive all of your action and thinking. Along with refraining from food and drink during the daytime, one more thing to do in Ramadan is skipping mind from all sorts of unnecessary discussion, slandering and backbiting. Get extra conscious while you engage in talking. If eleven months were stains, let Ramadan be the cleaner.

Step 8 – Say ‘Good Bye’ to Bad Habits

There is a saying “Old habits die hard” meaning it is hard to stop doing things that one has been doing for a long time. But, Ramadan makes it possible by following the way it should be. For the sake of fasting one has to avoid all the bad habits. Thus, you can take Ramadan as the golden opportunity to get rid of all the bad habits you are have been practicing for years.

Step 9 – Check Disturbing Stuff During Worship

Ramadan offers multiplying reward for any deeds. Do not allow anything to disturb you when you get engaged in prayer, reading holy Quran, or any form of worship. Check the possible disturbance you may face during practice. Keep your cellphone switched off during prayer or leave it at home. Try to terminate all the important task before prayer.

Step 10 – Focus on Your Character

This step is last but not the least, attaining Taqwaa through fasting mean improving your character. If you do fasting literally you mean to purify everything and to fight with old bad habits. Building up a good character with the essence of Ramadan is a golden opportunity for a Muslim as fasting is for all of your limbs.

Pull out all the stops to maximize this Ramadan 2019. And don’t forget to remember your Muslim brothers and sisters in your prayer.

How about you? What you are up to? Any suggestion on how to prepare for Ramadan? Or do you have anything special on your Ramadan preparation checklist?

You can share your opinion, thought and knowledge with our thousands of readers across the globe putting your views in the comment box below or writing for beabettermuslim.com readers.

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