How to Take Preparation for Ramadan

Ramadan 2024 is knocking on the door. In the glorious month of Ramadan, Allah bestows mercy and blessings upon mankind. As it comes after eleven months its every second and minute should be spent wisely. Ramadan is the ultimate chance to get close to Allah and to attain Taqwa through fasting and nighttime prayers.

In this purpose Allah says in the Holy Quran: “O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous” -Surah al-Baqarah, Verse 183.

It’s important that you make a plan for Ramadan before it starts so that you don’t miss this great opportunity and can utilize its every single moment.

You may ask should I read a number of preparation for Ramadan articles? No, you don’t. I am going to give you a Ramadan preparation checklist. And I hope if you can just follow it, you will be fully prepared for Ramadan inshaAllah.

Get Knowledge about Ramadan

Get knowledge about Ramadan
Get knowledge about Ramadan

To observe the fasting correctly and perfectly you need to know what validate the fasting, what invalidate the fasting and what are the requirements for fasting to be valid. Make sure you gather enough knowledge on these important issues before Ramadan starts.

Make a Meal Plan for Ramadan

Making a meal plan for Ramadan is important
Making a meal plan for Ramadan is important.

We abstain from all kind of foods and drinks all day long in Ramadan. So it’s important that we eat the foods that our body needs. Having oily, fatty and fried foods make the things worst. Be careful what you eat in Iftar as it may affect your Taraweeh prayer. That’s the reason you should make a meal plan as a preparation for Ramadan and follow it during Ramadan. Believe it will make you shopping much easier and save you valuable time.

Set Time and Target for Quran Recitation

Set time and target for Quran Recitation
Set time and target for Quran Recitation

Ramadan is the month of Quran. We should spare a good amount of time for Quran recitation during Ramadan. No matter how much busy you are, make a plan to complete the recitation of the Quran minimum once in the month. I would suggest that you always a pocket-sized Quran or install a Quran app on your smartphone. Here is the one I have installed. You will be amazed to see that how much time you can utilize this way. So set some moment for Quran, get a pocket-sized Quran and install a Quran app on your smartphone before Ramadan starts.

Do House Cleaning and Major Shopping before Ramadan

Do house cleaning before Ramadan
Do house cleaning before Ramadan

Clean the house before Ramadan. Cleaning house takes time. If you do it one or two days prior to Ramadan, you may not need to clean the whole house during Ramadan spending hours. You can also do the monthly shopping just before Ramadan. Don’t get me wrong I am not encouraging to store lots of foods. Read what to eat and what not during Ramadan here.

Making Dua to Get the Ultimate Opportunity of Forgiveness

Make Dua to reach Ramadan
Make Dua to reach Ramadan

No matter how much we plan and prepare, everything is on Allah’s hand. He controls everything. Make dua (supplication) and ask Allah to grant you the success in your planning,  preparation and ultimately reaching the blessed and glorious month of Ramadan.

O Allah, help us reach Ramadan and make the most of it. O Allah, we can only plan, but you can make it happen. Shower us with your mercy and grant us the ability to be your servant. Ameen.

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